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Liaoning kangfu food co., ltd. is a large-scale comprehensive food manufacturing enterprise mainly engaged in food research  development, design, production, wholesale  retail. With a building area of 40,000 square meters, the modern garden-style central factory has advanced OEM automatic production workshops. It has developed into a leading food processing enterprise in northeast China. Its product line covers more than 200 varieties of mooncakes, zongzi, bread, pastries, Chinese pastry, pancakes  noodles,  has been extended to the fields of organic agricultural products, green food  functional food. With the continuous improvement of brand strength, kangfu has been designated by the state as "the demonstration enterprise implementing the national standards of moon cakes", "the national excellent moon cake OEM processing enterprise", "Chinese bread, pastry, the top 100 enterprises with excellent brands". The company has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification  ISO22000 food safety management system certification,  in liaoshen area was the first to obtain the "national industrial production license". In 2006 became the first through the "green food" certification enterprises in shenyang,  for many years won the "Chinese excellent traditional moon cakes", "China quality assured moon cakes", "Chinese famous cake", "liaoning province famous trademark", "liaoning province famous brand product", "liaoning province assured food" "liaoning old" "non-material cultural heritage" in shenyang, etc. Quality, brand cast the unique charm of famous enterprises  famous points.



In 2019 "Five kernel mooncake" was rated as "the top ten cakes in the country" (cake culture committee of Chinese culture promotion association, China food press pastry research institute)

In 2019 "Rice dumplings with whole grains" named "2019 Chinese rice dumplings"

In 2019 In the fifth Chinese pastry conference was awarded "Chinese pastry technology outstanding inheritance enterprise"

In 2018  It was awarded as "research  development base of balanced diet for residents in liaoning province"  "research  development base of food nutrition for primary  middle school students in liaoning province" (liaoning nutrition society).

In 2018  "Liaoning time-honored brand" (liaoning provincial department of commerce)

In 2017  Awarded as "excellent supply chain cooperative enterprise of Chinese students' nutritious food" (organizing committee of China (dalian) student nutritious food summit forum)

In 2017  Kangfu old moon cakes are listed in the seventh batch of intangible cultural heritage in shenyang

In 2016  "Kangfu food industrial park" is designated as "AAA industrial tourism scenic spot"

In 2016  Awarded as "2016 shenyang consumer favorite food brand" (China food industry association)

In 2016  "New top 10 tourism food in north shenyang" (tourism bureau of north shenyang new district)

In 2015  "2015 China (shenyang) food fair most popular local specialty award" (China shenyang food fair organizing committee)

In 2015  Through the quality management system certification, food safety management system certification, integrity management system certification

In 2014  "Kangfu" trademark was awarded "shenyang famous trademark" (shenyang administration for industry  commerce)

In 2014  Liaoning kangfu food co., LTD. New factory leye street 78 formal production.

In 2013  "2012 consumer satisfaction demonstration unit" (shenyang consumption association)

In 2012  "Liaoning province agricultural industrialization key leading enterprise" (liaoning province agricultural industrialization work leading group)

In 2012  "Kangfu rice dumplings with whole grains  cereals" was awarded "the first prize of the 8th China zongzi cultural festival national zongzi (cake group) technique competition national zongzi products".

In 2011    Won the first place in the "2010 most popular food brand".

In 2010  It was awarded "2010 national excellent mooncake processing enterprise". (bread  cake committee of China food industry association)

In 2010 Kangfu wuren mooncake has been set up as the industry benchmark product in hundreds of famous brand mooncake tasting activities in China (bread  pastry professional committee of China food industry association)

In 2009  Kangfu moon cake won the "shenyang specialty" food honorary title

In 2008  Kangfu moon cake is rated as "famous cake of China" (China food industry association)

In 2008  Kangfu mooncake was awarded as "national standard demonstration enterprise" (China federation of commerce)

In 2007  The all-china federation of industry  commerce

In 2007   Kangfu moon cake was awarded as "Chinese quality assured moon cake" (China federation of commerce)

In 2006   Kangfu mooncake became the special mooncake of "2006 China · shenyang world horticultural exposition"

In 2006   Kangfu food was awarded "China famous brand" (China quality supervision  inspection association)

In 2006  Kangfu moon cake is rated as "famous cakes of China" (China food industry association)

In 2006  "Chinese quality traditional mooncake" "Chinese quality assured mooncake" (China federation of commerce)

In 2006  Kangfu mooncakes were the first to pass the "green food" certification (China green food development center)

In 2005 Kangfu moon cake was awarded "famous brand moon cake" of China moon cake festival (China baked food industry association)

In 2004  Kangfu food was named "liaoning famous food" (provincial food industry association)

In 2003  Kangfu trademark was identified as "famous trademark of liaoning province" (provincial administration for industry  commerce)

In 2003  Kangfu trademark has been identified as "liaoning famous enterprise name" (provincial administration for industry  commerce)

In 2002 Kangfu food was awarded "liaoning famous brand product" (provincial famous brand strategy promotion committee)

In 2002  Kangfu food was awarded "shenyang famous brand" (shenyang municipal people's government)

In 2001  Confirmed as "consumer satisfaction products" "honest  trustworthy unit" (shenyang consumers association)

In 2000  "Shenyang famous brand product" (shenyang municipal people's government)

In 2000 Recommended as the province's "first batch of safe food" (liaoning province safe food project)

In 1999  Kangfu trademark was identified as "famous trademark of liaoning province" (liaoning administration for industry  commerce)

In 1999  Series food of kangfu company was rated as "famous brand product of liaoning province" (liaoning economic  trade commission)

In 1998  Kangfu food was rated as "safe food" (city safe engineering leading group)

In 1995-1997  Named "star enterprise" by shenyang municipal people's government (shenyang municipal people's government)

In April 1994  Kangfu company won 93 national best-selling brand new commodity endeavour cup triple crown honor

7 February 1994  Shenyang kangfu food factory was renamed as shenyang kangfu food co., LTD

In 1993  Kangfu food was named by shenyang municipal government as the 92 years of shenyang famous enterprises

In 1992  Kangfu bursting corn by the commercial information center of the ministry of commerce  so on as the year of 91 best-selling brand new commodity award

In 1990  Kangfu "western-style pastry" won the first prize in the sixth golden star cup of new industrial products

In 1989  Shenyang kangfu food factory construction, kangfu brand was born.