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Kangfu food open science base DIY baking class for all institutions!


Kangfu food open science base  DIY baking class for all institutions!

Every weekend, is located in shen 78 happy street in the north new district of liaoning camfrog food co., LTD is very lively, clean elegant in the factory, the groups of students schools in liaoning province, they visit food production workshop, witnessing the food production process, into the food, about food; They know more nutrition health knowledge here, let themselves eat better, grow better; They make delicious food by themselves here, have an intimate date with delicious food, experience different fun!

As the primary middle school students nutrition development base of liaoning province, liaoning province residents balanced diet development base, camfrog food company in providing consumers with high quality pasta products at the same time, the time don't forget to practice corporate social responsibility, caring for the healthy growth of the next generation, lift force of the company for primary middle school students started the food nutrition science base DIY baking class, since last year, has received hundreds of primary secondary schools in liaoning was born visit experience!

Nutrition health science, let the students broaden their horizons

What nutrients does the body need to grow? What are the nutrients in flour? What delicious food can it make? Why can't we eat genetically modified food? How does eating breakfast compare to skipping it in class? What are the dangers of street food? How to eat nutrition health every day? How collocation ability achieves balanced prandial, nutrition is balanced? These children's concerns can be perfectly answered in the nutrition health science class of kangfu food.

In the explanation of the senior nutritionist of kangfu food, the students knew that the nutrients needed by the human body should be more than 50 kinds, the food types should reach more than 25 kinds throughout the day, according to the basic principle of "grain collocation, thickness collocation, meat vegetable collocation, diversified collocation", in order to achieve the requirements of rich nutrition balanced diet. By visiting the workshop, the students learned about the production process of high quality pasta, the nutrition of flour, the varieties of pasta, food safety so on.

In the process of visiting the training, many students stop in the exhibition hall, workshop, curious to observe each kind of food production process, enthusiastic active to ask the nutritionist questions. Students have said that such activities make them eye-opening, learned a lot of nutrition health knowledge on the textbook, the harvest is full!

DIY baking class, experience food love

Kangfu DIY baking class has been popular with visiting students since its inception. Kangfu food adheres to the original ecological health concept, adopts the traditional modern baking technology, insists on using the most natural healthy raw materials to produce high-quality new generation of baked goods, so that students can make delicious food by themselves, also send a sweet to their relatives, friends teachers.

Baking classroom scene is the most happy, cake, snacks, dumplings, steamed buns, steamed bread pasta, children can try, production experienced senior bakers in detail the choice of ingredients, food formula, production process the matters needing attention, lively interesting, children happily with operation, every step, every movement, is very serious. Fresh ingredients, clear explanation, children the initial zero basis, to the perfect finished product out, such experience sense of accomplishment is self-evident. The delicious food with exquisite shape fragrant aroma is a fine work of art. They bake only for the taste of happiness, but for their love of food!

The whole process of DIY baking class for primary middle school students of kangfu food

1. Visit the kangfu exhibition hall

Here is a display of all the products of kangfu food, professional teachers for students to introduce the knowledge of kangfu products.

2. Visit the production workshop

In kangfu factory, there is a passage to visit, you can see how the people of kangfu make delicious pasta, so that children can experience the modern production process knowledge of nutrition health.

3. Popularization of food production technology

Kangfu professional teachers to explain to the children kangfu various food production technology related knowledge, let the children understand the principles of food production.

4. Make noodles by hand

Kangfu professional bakers bakers personally instruct children how to make their favorite cakes breads, so that children can give full play to their imagination when they start to make their favorite cakes, snacks, dumplings, steamed buns, steamed buns, etc. At the same time, children will also have a great sense of achievement.