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Warmly celebrate "kangfu moon cake" won the Chinese cake quality assessment conference "national cake top ten" core enterprises


Recently, the second China cake quality assessment conference was held in tianjin.

The conference was sponsored by the cake culture committee of China culture promotion association the pastry research institute of China food press. The conference received strong support industry organizations leaders such as China federation of commerce, national standardization committee of pastry sub-technical committee China food press.

The star product of liaoning kangfu food co., LTD. Kangfu wuren mooncake is honored as the "top ten national cakes", we are excited for it!

Researchers the pastry research institute comment

Inheritance of the centenary craftsmanship classic

The Mid-Autumn festival is a major traditional Chinese festival, the moon cake is the Mid-Autumn festival family reunion essential food.

In this year's Chinese pastry quality assessment conference, kangfu moon cake won the "national cake top ten" core enterprise title, enough to see the community consumers of kangfu brand recognition, kangfu people are particularly proud.

Pass on the old taste of the classic with a long aftertaste

Moon full of Mid-Autumn festival, family reunion, the most can foil the festive atmosphere of the moon cakes, especially the kind of people can forget the old taste of the moon cakes, always let people can stop.

Listen to what people in shenyang say about kangfu moon cakes:

This is the flavor, this is the moon cake we want to eat, authentic! Kangfu moon cake has accompanied us for decades, the flavor mellow, sweet soft old taste, sweet familiar, tasting the old moon cake, like reliving the past years, recall those deep feelings in the memory.

Camfrog mooncakes

Good taste of the moon cake, the selection of raw materials careful processing.

Kangfu traditional old moon cake series is mainly made of "five kernel moon cake", which selects the best raw materials such as nuts pulp of the northeast specialty, with a healthier ingredient structure. The old moon cake body color is attractive, has the taste soft, the sweet greasy, the modelling is exquisite, the flavor mellow unique charm, has become the northeast region unique moon cake the flavor food.

Growing in moon cakes category, taste the retrofit today, most can touch people's heart is still camfrog old moon cakes, this is also a heavy feeling heavy righteousness camfrog always adhere to the old moon cake production, stick to the old taste flavor, don't forget to beginner's mind, growing old moon cakes quality, the main reasons for moon cake brands also grasps in the first place.

Kangfu old moon cake only captured the taste buds of the villagers, those who are far away home, but also miss its taste. Approaching the Mid-Autumn festival, kangfu can always receive a lot of overseas orders, which is only a kind of hometown feelings, but also a "Chinese taste" spread.

Even in a foreign country, as long as there are kangfu old moon cakes, can let people chew the taste of home.

Pay will have a return, it is the old taste of kangfu silently adhere to the good quality of the strict control, won the unanimous recognition love of consumers, only become a winner in sales, but also the king of public praise.

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