Kangfu moon cake


Kangfu pastry

Yeast cake

Yeast cake

Yeast cake

Product features:

Kangfu hair flour cake is made of non-transgenic high quality wheat flour elaborately by scientific cake making process. The outer layer of the cake is golden on both sides, the inner layer is white soft, soft, delicious sweet. Bite into the cake while it is hot. Kang fu hair cake, only rich in nutrition, easier to digest, more stomach, its cooking method is also very simple, the thawed cake into the pan, flipping back forth for 3 minutes microwave heating for 1 minute, a fragrant soft delicious hair cake can be eaten!

Operating procedures:

Yeast cake

1. Thaw the dough cake together with the package at room temperature.

2. After thawing, put the dough cake together with the package into the microwave oven heat it for about 50 seconds.

Microwave oven in the heating process due to gas expansion, packaging bag may expand expand bag, belong to the normal phenomenon, rest assured to eat.


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