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Fresh meat steamed stuffed bun

Fresh meat steamed stuffed bun

Fresh meat steamed stuffed bun

Product features:

Choose high-quality pork beef, refuse to use minced meat soy protein, at the same time use fresh vegetables, vegetables our base, seasonings are produced the brand, to ensure the quality of all ingredients. At the same time, we pay attention to every detail in the raw material before processing, leek take out the root 2 cm, single root selection, cleaning 3-4 times: celery take out the root 2 cm, to the leaves, to the heart (heart part tender. Large water, affect the taste of celery), to ensure the freshness taste of raw materials, Onions only eat green onion white, green onion green onion white alternate place to prevent soil debris, green onion ginger must be manually cut, retain the water of green onion ginger, do affect the quality. Exquisite production, pleated symmetry, a big stuffing foot, tender juicy meat, sweet but greasy. Product after rapid freezing, nutrients do lose, heated ready-to-eat.

Re-steaming method of quick-frozen steamed buns

I. retarder (constant temperature retarder: no less than 25C at room temperature)

1. 80g buns

A box of slowing down time, less than 10 hours;

Delay time of 5 cases, less than 12 hours.

2. Xiao long bao

One box of slowing down time, less than 8 hours;

Delay time of 5 cases, less than 10 hours.

Note: the slowing down area is open the opening of the box is slow down. On the basis of the single box slowing down time, the slowing down time can be shortened 1--2 hours

Ii. Requirements for steamed buns with good tempering. After boiling the steam in the steam box, steam the steamed buns:

1. 80g buns, 8-10 minutes;

2. Xiao long bao, 5-7 minutes;

3. The steamed stuffed bun steaming requirements without slowing down, steam box water boiling gas, steamed stuffed bun steaming;

1. Untempered 80g buns, 13-15 minutes;

2. Untempered xiaolongbao, 11-13 minutes.