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Corn steamed corn-bread

Corn steamed corn-bread

Corn steamed corn-bread

Product features:

Kangfu corn series products use special raw materials. The fineness can reach more than 120 mesh, the fineness can reach up to 80 mesh. The lactic acid fermentation has greatly improved the taste nutritional value of the product, which is a whole grain corn product.

Corn is one of the three main grains in China. It is rich in nutrition balanced. It is called "soft gold in staple food". However, the traditional corn flour process, first peeling, deembryo, then grinding, only lost the most valuable nutrients in corn, but also seriously affected the taste of corn food, hindered the corn staple food development process.

the perspective of nutrition, the whole grain corn flour of our company is made whole corn seeds by soaking, micro-fermenting, grinding, drying, semi-curing other processes, retaining the dietary fiber in the corn seed husk various beneficial substances in the germ. Its nutrient content is more adequate, more balanced, is a real sense of roughage.

the perspective of taste, our whole grain corn flour has a certain degree of viscosity elasticity through the fine grinding semi-curing process, the food made of it is delicate has a unique taste, which makes eating coarse grain an enjoyment on the taste. It is a kind of delicious unique coarse grain.

the perspective of gastrointestinal adaptation, the integration of lactobacillus corn flour in the process of soaking micro-fermentation of our whole grain corn flour perfectly solves the problems of indigestible staple food gastric acid, can meet the needs of consumers of all ages different eating habits. It is a kind of coarse food that nourishes the stomach intestines.

the perspective of everyday consumer cooking, our whole grain king rice noodles, through a series of special processes, stimulate the intrinsic adhesion elasticity of the biological components of corn without any external addition. 100% corn whole grain flour can be used to make all kinds of pasta products just like wheat flour.

The enzymatic refining process of high-energy corn meal retained corn husky corn germ, which belongs to the whole nutrition of corn meal, solved the disadvantages of stomach upset, stomach acid heartburn caused by eating traditional corn meal.


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