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Deep-Fried Dough Stick

Deep-Fried Dough Stick

Deep-Fried Dough Stick

Product features:

Camfrog Fried dough sticks without aluminum alum health twisted dough-strips, without any additives, choose the best quality of wheat flour, non-gmo vegetable oils such as raw material, finished product golden color, crisp outside, tender, bulk is good, uniform size, flexible, powerful, rich nutrition, camfrog twisted dough-strips only retain the advantages of traditional craft, the improved at the same time, when cut section presents horizontal drawing state, different ordinary twisted dough-strips market inside the hollow, brittle characteristics. It's a safe breakfast choice. We are for 8-9 medium cooked semi-finished dough sticks, before the operation to slow, refry for 30 seconds so golden color, for food beverage greatly reduce the production cost, to ensure the quality of the same.

Operation process:

1. Thaw the dough sticks completely at room temperature

2. Pour oil into the pan keep the oil temperature at about 170 degrees

3. Put the deep-fried dough sticks into the pot fry them with long chopsticks until golden brown on the surface, about 1 minute

Fry the Fried dough sticks until golden brown.


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