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Do you have any comfort noodles in your fridge? Do you have any comfort pancakes in your fridge? Do you have any kangfu rolls in your fridge? Do you have any kangfu steamed buns in your fridge? In shenyang, kangfu food is almost a household name, is the kitchen noodle supplier of countless families!

Founded in 1989, kangfu food sets up its business with delicacy, makes products with heart, inherits the craft with heart, serves the people with heart! With the word "intentions", kangfu food has grown into a leading large-scale comprehensive central kitchen food processing enterprise in northeast China. With its authentic products, gold quality pure taste, kangfu food has become a popular food on the table of the people.

Powerful big brand

Liaoning kangfu food co., ltd. is located in huishan, shenyang, covering an area of 50 mu, with an investment of 200 million yuan a construction area of 40,000 square meters. It has 6 advanced automatic product production lines, modern garden-style factory area is fresh elegant.

At present, kangfu food has formed a brand product system of more than 300 varieties in 12 series of three major categories, mainly including moon cakes, pancakes, noodles, mid-point, pastry, bread crumbs, zongzi, bread, steamed buns, stuffing, organic vegetables, organic cereals other products.

After 30 years of efforts, the camfrog food have been rated as "executive mooncakes national standard demonstration enterprise", "Chinese bread, pastry excellent brand enterprises", "national imperial cuisine food research development base", "China well-known trademark", "liaoning province famous trademark", "liaoning province famous brand products", "rest assured food in liaoning province" other honors. In 2017, "kangfu old moon cake" was officially included in the intangible cultural heritage project of shenyang. In 2018, kangfu food was awarded "time-honored enterprise" again! In 2019, the "kangfu old moon cake" was included in the intangible cultural heritage project of liaoning province.

A well crafted product

The making of noodles goes through 18 processes, the moon cake has dozens of flavors, more than 40 kinds of cake products...... With the spirit of craftsman, kangfu food devotes itself to the development development of food. At present, it has produced hundreds of healthy, nutritious, safe convenient pasta products.

Kangfu noodle production line is the first automatic noodle production line in northeast China, fresh ramen, hand-rolled noodles, sliced noodles, buckwheat noodles, tea noodles, pumpkin noodles other noodles with natural wheat flavor, pure flavor received wide praise! Kangfu flapjacks have a golden crispy outer layer a soft white inner layer. Kangfu steamed stuffed bun, dumplings, steamed buns, rolls, rou jia mo other pasta products, the department of fine, authentic taste, is the first choice for thousands of families delicious food!

Choose the best ingredients

Ingredients is the settlement of this enterprise, camfrog selective when choosing ingredients, the best optimum, raw material must be high quality, original ecological organic agricultural products, the origin of raw material, color, texture, manufacturers, quality certification, quality inspection index through layer upon layer, hand never purchase order is complete, especially for genetically modified (gm) food raw materials, camfrog food special a clear attitude, more than 20 years to resolutely no genetically modified ingredients, all the raw materials such as flour cooking oil to choose non-gmo, big brand!

A hundred years of good technology

Good products can be separated good technology, kangfu food has a unique production process, production techniques passed down generation to generation through the way of oral instruction by teachers students, seven generations of more than 100 years of craft inheritance, the painstaking efforts wisdom of ancestors, successors of intensive cultivation, become the source of enterprise development. In the modern assembly line, inheritance innovation integration, delicious every moment, all intentions to create!

Considerate professional service

Inheritance is the cornerstone of development, innovation is the driving force of development, serving consumers is the consistent purpose of kangfu food. Over the years, kangfu food has actively invested in the research development of healthy food, taking consumer demand as the guidance, the products are lower in sugar, lower in fat, lower in oil, xylitol series products, coarse grain food, fruit nut food have been launched, won the love of many consumers.

Word of mouth

Good taste food is always memorable! mom's home-cooked pancakes to nutritious delicious noodles; the old zi old flavor of the old moon cakes, to the taste of authentic soft glutinous dumplings; delicious nutritious bread, cakes other west point, to authentic Beijing eight pieces of Chinese pastry; the characteristic flavor of the handmade steamed bread, dumplings, bean dumplings other pastry, to the crisp outside the tender rou jia mo, ma tuan other traditional snacks... The taste of kangfu food is authentic, pure, homely warm! With the comfort of food, even the ordinary days have become taste.

Well-being of the world, with the blessing of love! Quality of life, concomitant health!