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Kangfu noodles: two years of research development


Northern people like to eat noodles, when they meet with the authentic taste of kangfu noodles, then the picky taste buds will be instantly touched! Now in shenyang, whether it is large small noodle shops, thousands of families on the table, steaming hot kangfu noodles are people feel full, warm meals!

Kangfu noodles are made with strict material selection fine production. Non-transgenic high-quality wheat core powder is selected to purify drinking water make the whole process of automatic production. Noodles beautiful color, fragrant, smooth tough, variety, nutrition safety!

To make such delicious healthy noodles, kangfu food has made great efforts!

In-depth extensive research

Noodles originated in China have a history of more than 4,000 years of making eating. They are popular because of their simplicity, convenience rich nutrition.

Since 2015, kangfu food has been paying attention to the development of the noodle market. Researchers found that many people in northeast China are fond of noodles because of their ancestral home in shandong, especially noodles, which are the staple food of every family. However, the pace of life is speeding up, many young people cannot do have time to make noodles, buy noodles in the market worry about unhygienic unsafe, some mechanism noodles taste very bad, so the northeast region is in urgent need of a good reputation of noodles products.

Seeing people's consumption demand for healthy noodles, kangfu food set up a special noodle research development team in early 2016, taking making safe, nutritious, safe delicious noodles as a new subject, determined to develop good noodles suitable for the taste of northeast Chinese people.

The researchers went deep into the market bought hundreds of noodles street stalls to large supermarkets. They also ordered hundreds of noodles online e-commerce platforms such as taobao. They began to study the categories, production techniques nutritional ingredients of these noodles.

In order to experience the taste taste of all kinds of noodles, the researchers tried all kinds of noodles, three times a day. Sometimes three four types of noodles are eaten for comparison. After eating the noodles for three months, the feelings feelings came out. Sometimes, the researchers could judge the types, tastes tastes of the noodles before they came out of the pot, just smelling the aroma.

Craftsman's meticulous research development

After a year of preliminary research, kangfu food began to develop noodle products with craftsman's care patience, determined to achieve the perfection of specifications, taste taste details of each noodle.

With an investment of more than 8 million yuan, kangfu has introduced the first automatic noodle production line in northeast China. This production line is currently advanced in China, including vacuum noodle noodle system, automatic rolling system, noodle belt wake-up system, automatic cutting dividing system. All the products are made of high-quality stainless steel meet the national food hygiene requirements. The whole process of automatic production of noodles ensures the safety nutrition of noodles the quality of noodles is completely assured.

There are many devices specially customized by kangfu manufacturers, such as a 10-meter-long ultraviolet disinfection system, which only sterilizes the noodles, but also increases the wake time of the noodles, making the noodles taste more moist. This is the original creation of kangfu.

With the advanced equipment technology, the researchers began to taste the variety, taste craft of the noodles many times.

Kangfu has always been strict in the selection of food ingredients more careful in the noodles. In order to make the noodles taste better, kangfu adopts high-quality wheat core powder to purify drinking water make the noodles. No artificial color is added in the production process, which guarantees the original simple flavor of the noodles the source.

Kangfu food has developed more than 30 kinds of noodles, finally set several categories such as sliced noodles, fresh ramen, hand-rolled noodles, buckwheat noodles, pumpkin noodles, corrugated noodles, quinoa noodles tea noodles. In order to adapt to the needs of different people, noodles also have different specifications tastes, such as 0.8, 1.0, 1.125, 1.5, 2.0 specifications, also have special noodles, including alkali ramen.

Unique manufacturing process

In terms of taste, in order to make the noodles closer to the taste of mom's hand-rolled noodles, make the noodles taste more pure, smooth delicate, the r&d staff of kangfu made dozens of attempts in the process.

Noodles are the most powerful, but also the root of the nutrition taste of noodles. The flour blending machine selected by kangfu automatically powders adds water. The flour blending process is carried out under vacuum negative pressure. The ratio of surface to water is accurate accurate, which is determined after many attempts. Flour protein in the shortest time to fully absorb water, forming a superior gluten network, protein molecule array becomes more compact, repeated kneading pressing, toughness bite to achieve a better state, can be compared to artificial perfection.

The good surface enters the automatic rolling system, 9 rolling machines, each rolling machine is equipped with a separate transmission system, large to small corrugated rolling process, so that the surface belt in the rolling process is fully extended, then after a number of flat roll repair, compaction, the surface belt more flat.

After the automatic rolling of the delayed strip, after the wake up, ultraviolet disinfection, the secondary maturing of the baptism, came to the strip cutting system for the most after the molding. Roller, cutting knife, cutting knife independent drive, according to different specifications of noodles to produce a fine finished product.

Strict production process

Every time kangfu develops a kind of noodles, only let the enterprise staff repeatedly try to eat, but also invited many citizens some responsible persons of catering enterprises to try our products, so that they can give their opinions actively improve the products.

The production workshops of kangfu have implemented modern management in accordance with international standards, advanced food processing equipment have realized ultra-clean completely closed production. Before entering the workshop, employees should change their overalls work boots, go through a series of disinfection procedures before entering the workshop. Kangfu also has a special testing room, each kind of product, only protein content coliform detection other important indicators of 100% qualified factory.

Professional laboratory equipment, strict testing process, careful testing personnel, to ensure the quality of each batch of food products, let consumers buy the rest assured, eat peace of mind. At the same time, kangfu has advanced cold chain transport mode, closed, refrigerated, fresh food special vehicle, daily disinfection treatment in the carriage, timely delivery of fresh products safety, health, timely.

Authentic noodle products

Kangfu noodles are characterized by rich flavor, smooth elastic teeth, delicate taste, smooth tough, pure taste. They are far higher in quality, safety taste than similar products on the market. Since the launch, they have been very popular recognized by the general public.

The comprehensive variety of kangfu noodles meets the needs of all kinds of people!

Smooth elastic teeth of the cut surface, thick thin edge, sharp edges, delicate taste, thick face, the entrance of the smooth internal tendons, soft but sticky, very elastic, let people eat out the beauty of hanchang dripping!

Face fragrance thick hand rolling surface, root root, pure taste, overflowing with thick "mother taste". White soft noodles, tough chewy, let people eat!

Taste pure fresh ramen, smooth tough, with beef pork bone soup with two kinds of soup, taste thick color alcohol, fragrant delicious, delicious people can stop!

Buckwheat flour made of coarse grain is an important category of health noodles of kangfu. Noodles are elastic, resistant to cooking lubrication, rich in protein trace elements, low sugar content, high nutritional value.

Kangfu health noodles, there are beautiful color pumpkin noodles, fragrant delicious tea noodles, nutritious quinoa noodles other categories, taste texture, strengthening the body stomach, let people eat a full of happiness!

Kangfu alkaline noodles taste unique, more resistant to cooking, suitable for Japanese cuisine noodles series, also suitable for the production of Chinese Fried sauce noodles, stewed noodles, mixed noodles, Fried noodles, soup noodles series, let people eat!

A bowl of noodles, material selection, production to cooked served, seems simple, but it embodies the inheritance persistence of kangfu people to food, taste pure, delicious nutrition, safety health, kangfu noodles products, kangfu people for the home of the warm gift!

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