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Comfort nut nutrition bread is on the market!


Comfort nut nutrition bread is on the market!

Each weighs 300 grams! Full of walnuts nuts! Do add to eat fat! Nutritious chewy! This is the domineering spicy comfort nut loaf!

now on, grinning fresh is on the market! It will be a nutritious companion for breakfast! Understand the nutrition of the people on the best choice!!

With plenty of ingredients: it's like finding bread in a nut

Fill nuts every day, body match boy! One of the features of the comfort nut loaf is that it has real nuts! Rich in walnuts, raisins, cranberries preserved apples!

Don't be surprised. Let's talk Numbers. The comfort nut bun comes in two flavors: the cranberry giant, with 63 grams of walnuts, 32 grams of raisins 32 grams of cranberries; The other is the giant apple slice with 63 grams of walnuts, 32 grams of raisins 32 grams of apple slices.

Yes, for 300 grams of bread, there are 127 grams of nuts nuts, nearly half the total! No wonder people say it's like looking for bread in a nut. When you eat a healthy nut loaf, you will be filled with nuts for every bite.

Taste: lips teeth remain fragrant, more chewing more fragrant

Conforte nuts are so appetizing on the outside, the bread is golden brown on the outside, the shell is as bright as a layer of amber, which makes it especially attractive. Using a knife to gently cut the bread into slices, solid bread wrapped with a full of walnut, raisins, cranberries, dried apples, the texture of the bread is very dense, very small pores, texture is fine, dense, giving people a particularly thick feeling. Cut a few slices the smell of bread wafted through the room. Once eaten, the crispy skin soft inner core, the rich flavor of wheat, coupled with the sweet raisin nutty crisp, the mouth is full of fragrance, feeling too good!

Nuts big wide bread than the average bread to some heavy, but it didn't bite a taste hard teeth tooth feeling, also don't like a lot of bread, cake, sweet greasy prohibitive, eat a bite of leaving only "solid" "the taste of sweet nuts", toughness is dye-in-the-wood, filling incense, the more chewing the more fragrant, let you can't wait to go to the second mouth, delicious can't stop!

Good ingredients: high quality ingredients without additives

Kangfu food has long been known for its strict use of food materials, this kind of giant grin is made with exquisite materials exquisite production. Let's start with a list of ingredients: premium wheat flour, branded milk cream, natural yeast, premium sugar salt, , of course, excellent walnuts, raisins, cranberries, dried apples. It is important to note that this giant bread is free of additives, preservatives coloring!!

Natural health, rich nutrition, kangfu nuts big grin, this is the real material of bread!

In addition, in contrast to the traditional Russian way of mixing nuts dough, the conforme nut gran is made by hand wrapped directly in the dough.

Super deal: nutritious for a week

Eat two three tablets with a glass of milk yogurt for breakfast. Bread has protein (walnuts, milk), fiber fruit (raisins, cranberries, dried apples), grains energy, all balanced!

This giant grinch will shrink into a small ball like the bread we usually eat, but it is a very solid grinch.

Match Suggestions hints

1. Breakfast: slice the grinning grinning pie, two three slices, with a cup of yogurt milk, this is the perfect match! Of course, it can also be paired with something like juice, which is also very simple comfortable. It is especially suitable for children, students office workers.

2, afternoon tea: in the afternoon, to a cup of tea a cup of juice, a cup of coffee, then one two giant grinning bar, a full of energy in the afternoon!

3, dinner: want to thin body, want to reduce fat, but also want to healthy nutrition, dinner to eat two three big grins, delicious at the same time also super nutrition, mainly is to eat fat!

4. Although it can be eaten with honey jam, it should be according to personal taste. After all, it is fruity sweet.

5. Of course, if you want to turn the big grin into a hamburger, slice it up with jam, a slice of ham, a few slices of vegetables, an egg.

6, warm hint: after the big open, sealed storage, to avoid air into, after all, a root to eat for several days, the seal is good, the back will become relatively dry oh!