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Kangfu old moon cake, the old taste deep in the heart


Delicious moon cake is the protagonist of the Mid-Autumn festival, but also the carrier of traditional Chinese folk culture, conveying the reunion, happiness of the good long-cherished wish. Every to the Mid-Autumn festival, the old taste of the old kang fu old moon cakes, become a lot of shenyang people must choose the Mid-Autumn festival food, is also a lot of enterprises institutions staff benefits must choose one of. Many regular customers said that no matter how many flavors they have tasted, the old flavor of kangfu old moon cakes is always ingrained unforgettable.

Kangfu old moon cake, the old taste deep in the heart

Old taste is good for all ages

Kangfu mooncakes are of great appeal to consumers, especially the old mooncake series with "five kernel mooncakes" as the main product. The old series of moon cakes are made of the best raw materials such as nuts pulp, which are special products of northeast China.

Kangfu old moon cake, the old taste deep in the heart

Kangfu old moon cake, the cake body is soft, the color is attractive, has the taste soft, the sweet greasy, the modelling is exquisite, the flavor is mellow unique charm, is the northeast region unique gold medal moon cake the flavor food. Eat a mouthful of the old moon cake, the mouth of the sweet, endless aftertaste. Mr. Li, the citizen, spoke for many people when he said, "the taste of kangfu old moon cakes is very authentic. The soft mellow taste is hard to love. Our big family, both young old, love the taste."

Kangfu old moon cake only captured the taste buds of the villagers, those who are far away home, but also miss its taste. Every year during the Mid-Autumn festival, kangfu always receives many overseas orders. Even in a foreign country, as long as there are kangfu old moon cakes, can let people chew the taste of home.

Gold brand quality market thumb up

Kangfu old moon cakes are deeply loved by people in liaoshen. The root cause is that kangfu has been developing traditional food with high quality high standards, has won recognition respect the market with its silent adherence to product quality.

As the main set of the mooncake gb member, is also the designated country national standard demonstration enterprise "" execution cakes, camfrog food always stick to do food safety, food quality of faith, on food purchasing quality requirement is very strict, only assess its origin, manufacturer, to assess whether the manufacturer has a quality assurance system certification, every batch product whether has the quality inspection report, hand never purchase order is complete. Kangfu food insists on introducing high standard, high quality, original organic agricultural products as raw materials, screening testing the origin, color taste of raw materials such as peanut, sesame, preserved fruit flour, resolutely does use transgenic raw materials spraying raw materials of production regulators to ensure the purity of moon cakes the source.

In the process of production, kangfu food insists on maintaining the old taste, constantly pursues the details such as excellent craftsmanship, cultural characteristics, nutrition health, so that the old moon cakes can continuously improve the quality culture with the pace of The Times.

Carry on the classics without forgetting the original intention

"I have been engaged in mooncake production for more than 20 years," ding said in an interview. "the most important thing I have been studying is the difference between mooncakes other foods. It is the representative food of traditional festivals.

Delicious, authentic, safe assured, this is the main reason why kangfu moon cakes win people's recognition. Over the past 30 years, kangfu mooncakes have been well received have won many honors along the way, including being listed on the "Chinese pastry cultural heritage list", being listed on the "national top 100 excellent brands of bread pastry", being crowned the "gold mooncake" for three consecutive years. The old mooncake series products have been set up as "national benchmark products in the food industry". In 2017, "kangfu old moon cake" was successfully selected into the intangible cultural heritage project of shenyang city.

The Mid-Autumn festival, shenyang people are the happiest, because they have been accompanied for 29 years of the kang fu old moon cakes, the flavor of mellow, sweet soft old taste, sweet familiar with the long aftertaste. This is also an important reason why kangfu food always insists on the production of old moon cakes, sticks to the old taste taste, does forget the original intention, constantly improves the quality of old moon cakes. To carry out the old taste in the end, this is the concept that kangfu always adheres to the original intention of the old brand of moon cakes.