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Kangfu pastry

Good collection | kangfu food New Year goods collection you about liao exhibition!


Goodies for camfrog

The Spring Festival came early this year

Get the Spring Festival goods ready first

Kangfu food festival collection with you about liaozhan

January 4-10

January 12-22

Welcome the New Year with a wide variety of goods for you to choose

Welcome the New Year


Your New Year goods kangfu food contract

More than 100 kinds of products, big discount

Whether the festival gifts, gifts relatives friends

Treat your parents employees

You can find a gift that suits you

A box of gifts contains a love

A precious thought remains the same

Kangfu food with ingenuity good gift

For you to start a prosperous Chinese year

Pasta feast


Kangfu launches a pasta feast

Mom's homemade pancakes

A variety of nutritious delicious noodles

Delicious bread, cake, etc

Authentic Beijing 8 pieces of Chinese pastry

Handmade steamed bread with special flavor

Dumplings, beans, other types of pastry

Of course, there are all kinds of gift boxes necessary for the Spring Festival

Let you feel the real Chinese New Year, Chinese flavor

Giving the preferred


Kangfu food shows you

Professional sincere in making flour products

Delicious nutrition, fresh safe

Green, healthy, convenient fast

In the craftsman's spirit

Committed to the development development of food

Always take the health of the people as the starting point

Be a consumer nutrition expert

Come on

Kangfu Spring Festival 2020 is ready for you

To like the taste of all at once

The exquisite New Year goods at one time

Kangfu food festival with you will be there


to our friends who have always supported us

Wish you a happy New Year

Thank you for your past support

In the future

Kangfu food is still looking forward to your continued encouragement!