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Kangfu pastry

New Year gift carrying handle | kang fu noodle gift box, solid affordable!


Pastries gift box

Exquisite delicious pasta is the New Year table indispensable "hard currency". As an expert in the field of family kitchen flour products, kangfu food has carefully launched a number of pastry gift boxes during the coming of the New Year, among which the pasta products are sold well for many years with assured quality exquisite modeling, become the memory of many people's New Year goods, is the enterprise, family good gift of the choice.

In confor pastries gift box, shandong flavour of manual steamed bread, have tender in crisp outside small pancakes, with sweet soft sweet sweet buns, there are soft delicious bread, is as thin as cicada was ripening, there are multiple layers of silver, corn steamed corn-bread nutritious health, have tong qu is a little pastry, rabbit pastry, annual superabundant pastries, these pastries create different festival food modelling, added infinite interest for the table of the New Year! Each kind of pastry, let a person eat out full of happiness!

Noodles gift box

Pure positive taste of kangfu noodles, beautiful color, fragrant face, nutrition safety, since the market has been favored! Whether it is the smooth elastic teeth of the knife surface, the thick flavor of the hand-rolled surface, pure taste of fresh ramen, coarse grain buckwheat flour, pumpkin flour rich in nutrition, the taste of the strong rich wheat, let people full of happiness!

Noodles good, of course, there is a lot of attention. Kangfu noodles with strict material selection, the use of high-quality wheat core powder, purified drinking water system, 18 processes of careful production to make the noodles root spring, the whole process of automatic production to ensure the nutritional safety of noodles, the source to ensure the noodles of the primitive flavor. Therefore, it is a matter of course that kangfu noodle gift box has become a popular hot style, hot selling combination, cost-effective first selection of New Year goods. At the same time, kangfu noodle gift box with a number of categories, a variety of different types of package combination to meet different needs, is a gift!

Pancakes box

Kangfu main products kangfu pancake gift box, which contains plain home-style cake, onion fragrant home-style cake, plain shredded cake, onion fragrant shredded cake; In addition, there are hair cake, brown sugar cake, red bean cake, pizza, sesame sauce cake, spring cake...

Cake box

As the signature product of liaoning time-honored brand, kangfu old taste is inherited the imperial court of the qing dynasty, has come to the present day by virtue of its old taste. While keeping pace with The Times, we never forget our original intention stick to the old taste.

Old taste cake gift box packaging exquisite classic, restore people's childhood cake box memory. Gift box inside tunnel, soft sweet sweet old cake taste, there are various kinds of delicious midpoint ten many kinds of products, such as "camfrog old eight" of meaning auspicious, beautiful modelling, crisp cotton, soft, sweet greasy characteristics is famous in shengjing, its fine materials, workmanship, mellow taste, for young old, is shenyang people proud of his hometown specialty, is set to shenyang tourism will buy. Kangfu old taste pastry using modern health formula production process baked processed, is a good choice for children filial piety to the elderly!