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Kangfu flapjacks - mom made crisp delicious


Do you like comfort pancakes? Most people's answer will be love is it, wheat food stomach, but if you let yourself burn, I'm afraid many people are willing to, knead face wake face hair roll to be cooked again this dragon toss turn down, limbs are still better, a little bit less skilled point of uncertain what can eat mouth ha! Yesterday I tasted sweet, it is necessary to share with friends, three minutes, only a short three minutes can let you eat a piece of golden crispy surface, the layer of soft tender fragrant pancake! That sounds a little mysterious, doesn't it? But it's true. Established 25 years has always uphold the concept of benefiting the people of shenyang kangfu food newly launched pancakes, is too convenient! Frozen cake billet, do have to freeze also do have to add oil, I use a flat non-stick pan heat into the billet open fire, one side golden after turning a side, the cage in total only three minutes, the mother burned before the crisp flavor in front of you! Have original taste to have chive to taste very much, the most crucial point, calculate you are the kitchen small white also can easily drive!

The crust was crumbly crispy delicious, it was torn patted, , well, this one was eaten.

Keep cold box pack is 18, group purchase price is basic in 50 a few yuan, 3 yuan a the price of roadside stall is almost little, the material that large food factory USES is still relatively let a person calm some.

Each blank has two layers of barrier paper, open the cake into a hot pot.

There's no need to put any more oil in the pan, there's enough oil in the pie.

The cake will be baked in about three minutes.

Save time energy of the crisp sweet, is so simple, make it!

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