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Liaoning association of nutritionists to help peoples livelihood security enterprises


March 4, liaoning province nutritionist association in zhang fan zuo xiaojing executive secretary of the leadership, a group of five people came to the liaoning province nutritionist association teaching practice base -- liaoning kangfu food co., LTD., to help enterprises to resume production service.

Through measuring temperature, alcohol disinfection, wear shoe covers a series of standard process, a line into the dietitians association of liaoning province camfrog food company meeting exhibition hall, then had an informal discussion with the chairman of the board of directors of the company, marketing director, learned that during the outbreak of camfrog food in order to safeguard the people's livelihood, on the network meeting of top officials, research response to the outbreak of the production plan, prepare for worker protection. On February 5, liaoning kangfu food co., ltd. was listed as the key enterprise of shenyang people's livelihood insurance supply by shenyang commerce bureau. In the process of procurement high-speed transportation of emergency supplies for epidemic prevention control people's livelihood supply guarantee, liaoning kangfu food co., ltd. was given priority allocation access to ensure people's "eating" during isolation at home.

The "health management into 10,000" series of activities jointly carried out by liaoning dietitian association kangfu food co., LTD. "safe food materials into the community nutrition line -- kangfu quick sale" activity has been kicked off, with the purpose of ensuring family nutrition improving the body immunity through the professional food materials selected by liaoning dietitian association. The association's nutritionists will be free science nutrition food ingredients together with video explanations, in the community to teach people how to eat more nutritious, how to eat more healthy. Let every family have a family nutritionist, is the direction that liaoning province nutritionist association strives for.

To resume work means to stabilize employment to resume production means to stabilize the economy. Liaoning kangfu food co., ltd. has started to resume production, efficient operation of machinery, vehicles busy transport, at noon, the staff orderly, at the wrong time to eat, everything in order. I believe that kangfu food, as the pioneer of healthy food in China, will promote the development of healthy food in northeast China, contribute more nutritious healthy delicious food, create greater value for the society with the help of liaoning dietitian association.

(liaoning association of dietitians contributions yuan jinxia writing, photography)