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Shenyang spring wake up! Look at shenyang "grasp with two hands" "win with two hands"


Shenyang · spring awakening

Large - scale live broadcast today live network!

Today, there were no new COVID - 19 cases in shenyang for 14 consecutive days!

Yesterday, shenyang all close contacts lifted quarantine!

Five days ago, shenyang epidemic prevention control headquarters issued the seventh command order, which clearly proposed to promote the resumption of work production of enterprises, while ensuring the accurate prevention control of the epidemic, gradually restore the normal operation of society.

One hand to grasp the epidemic prevention control, one hand to grasp the resumption of production, we shenyang to grasp both hands, both win!

Today, we shenyang broadcasting television station sent 7 reporters, in-depth citizen life is closely linked to the 7 industries, the real situation of the field to experience the resumption of work production, feel the city in the spring recovery of the strong pulse!

Point a

China mobile communications group liaoning co. LTD. Shenyang branch

Shenyang radio, television media reporter zhao a long, xin weining in China mobile communications group liaoning co., LTD. Shenyang branch learned that shenyang mobile has launched "cloud video" products to meet the needs of enterprise video conferencing.


▲Shenyang broadcast media reporter zhao a long

"Cloud video" 300-3000 large meeting capacity


▲Shenyang mobile company product manager pu yongqing

"Cloud video" launched by China mobile can support 300 people to participate in video conference at the same time. At the same time, according to the needs of different enterprises, the meeting capacity can support 3,000 people online at the same time. can achieve the meeting moderator speaker screen with the cutting function.

Medical treatment, education field extends


▲Shenyang mobile company product manager shen mengying shows mobile phone operation

Cloud video has also been extended to the medical field to realize the function of remote real-time consultation, has been applied to the remote consultation of the sixth hospital in dalian.

Similarly, cloud video in education can be used as a remote teaching software, teachers students can share real-time picture courseware.

Cloud video also provides exclusive customized services, enterprises can according to their own needs for personalized function customization.

Real-time epidemic prevention statistics

After scanning the qr code, employees can enter the epidemic prevention statistics interface, they can see the relevant situation of the unit personnel, such as fever; Geographical distribution function is also more suitable for cross-regional enterprises to do statistical sorting.

China mobile also launched roaming location query function, customers send "roaming location query" pinyin to 10086, you can query the mobile phone roaming location information in the past 30 days, is also very convenient during the epidemic prevention control of the user query.

24 million public service messages

During the epidemic period, a total of 24 million public welfare text messages have been sent, such as blizzard weather warning, personal protection tips, travel tips, etc., to provide intimate services for mobile users.

Level 2

Dilisheng north road store

Shenyang radio television media reporter yan gang, liu liangri came to shenyang dili fresh north two road store. What they found was a change: instead of buying fresh food carts bags, people now buy food for only a day two, compared to buying fresh food half a month ago.


Shenyang broadcast media reporter yan gang

Price protection


▲Di lisheng north road store staff li xiang

We are most concerned about two points, the first is the quality of the dishes, the second is the price of the dishes. Li xiang, a staff member of the north road store, in the opening of the store after the return of the passenger flow has increased, in order to protect the people's livelihood, the implementation of direct production area, so you can do the price in previous years than there is too big difference, individual category prices than in previous years some decline, such as cabbage now only in the price of 1.6 yuan so.

Dili market online shopping applet


▲Dili market CEO guan zichen

Dili fresh in order to meet the needs of people to go out of the home, also launched online shopping "dili market" WeChat small procedures, online orders, offline physical store delivery, the last 100 meters to complete the shopping home distance. dilisheng has also started to cooperate with the property companies in shenyang, gradually set up the park to pick up points, for the convenience of people shopping.


▲Dili market CEO guan zichen demo small program shopping

Set up fresh head, open fresh supply "capillary"

Dilisheng is also planning to recruit 10,000 to 12,000 "fresh head", through these "head", the fresh supply of the "capillary" in shen city spread out, in order to ensure the supply of no dead end.

Point three

Liaoning kangfu food co. LTD

Shenyang radio, television media reporters wang long, zhang tao came to liaoning kangfu food co., LTD., now the enterprise has been fully restored to work, equipment running smoothly, staff are in an orderly manner of work.


▲Wang long (left), reporter of shenyang radio, film television media, interviewed zhao shuhan (right), executive vice general manager of liaoning kangfu food co., LTD.

Actively return to work epidemic prevention disinfection, ensure food safety

Liaoning kangfu food actively responded to the call, the current resumption of work rate reached about 98%. Baking product is a traditional product of kangfu food, it is also the main type of product for the whole enterprise to ensure the supply of materials.

The enterprise also strengthened the door control management to the employee, three times a day to measure the temperature, three times disinfection.

Do a good job in the family kitchen

Liaoning kangfu food co., LTD. Covers an area of 50 mu has a construction area of 33,000 square meters. There are two independent factories. The factory is also a national 3A level tourist attraction.


▲Liaoning kangfu food co. LTD. Marketing director ding li

Came to the product exhibition hall, liaoning kangfu food co., LTD. Marketing director ding li introduced to the reporter a variety of family kitchen products, there are Chinese western cakes, a variety of seasonal products, dazzling.

In view of the fact that some citizens still live at home stay at home, kangfu has also launched several featured products, such as the noodle gift box of kangfu family kitchen the fabric package of beef bowl with complete ingredients. Also launched peace of mind housing, that is, no contact distribution, convenient for the public to buy.

Profound heritage, with the growth of shen cheng people


▲Liaoning kangfu food co., LTD. Vice chairman huang yongqiang

Liaoning kangfu food co., LTD. Is a food nutrition research development base for primary secondary schools in liaoning province. It is also a time-honored brand in China.

Kangfu food takes "kangfu" as the central goal -- health happiness, providing the people in shencheng even liaoning province with safe healthy products.

Point four

Crystal maple assembly factory shop

Shenyang radio television media reporter wang yingji, fan bo came to the crystal maple factory store. Today is the second day of the comprehensive return to work of crystal maple decoration.

▲Wang yingji (left), fan bo (right)

Do foot epidemic prevention training, eliminate the work thoroughly

Crystal maple decoration to the staff out of the situation contact with personnel statistics, resolutely implement the relevant personnel after 14 days of isolation before returning to work. After returning to work, it is required that all people must wear masks to enter, receive temperature disinfection, ensure that the store twice a day disinfection, no gathering work.


▲Zheng wei, President of jingfeng group (right)

Integrated service, avoid frequent contact

Different other decoration stores, crystal maple packaging provides integrated packaging services, home decoration supplies are available, let the customer once a visit, reduce the number of times in out of the store, effectively avoid frequent contact between people.

During the special period, crystal maple decoration provides one-on-one service sets up 4 VIP rooms to provide separate space to meet the needs of customers avoid the gathering of people during the epidemic.

Provide online services, careful door-to-door measurement


▲Display floor plan

Crystal maple decoration to provide online remote services. The designer the customer are closely connected with the family drawing, design drawing, construction drawing, etc., to meet the customer's needs as far as possible.

At the same time, crystal maple ensures that the internal staff of door-to-door measurement have no contact history travel history. For customers with special needs such as marriage room, we plan to increase the staff after the full resumption of work complete the task before the delivery date.

Point five

Shenyang dongtai information industry development co. LTD

Shenyang broadcast media reporter yu xiaochuan, meng wei learned that as early as February 17, located in the shenyang international software park, shenyang dongtai information industry development co., ltd. has officially resumed production.

At present, the company is working hard to complete a batch of orders ordered before the Spring Festival.

▲ left to right: lv dongyu, chairman of shenyang dongtai information industry development co., LTD

Set up an epidemic prevention team to ensure the safe resumption of work

It is understood that the production department of dongtai company the administrative personnel responsible for the prevention control of the elimination killing have been on duty in succession around February 10, other departments have the conditions for network office video conference implementation of home office.

Chairman lu dongyu said that after the Spring Festival, the company immediately set up a command team for epidemic prevention, the purchase of supplies, masks other supplies, sound organization, clear points. At the same time, the strict implementation of temperature control, food delivery system, the implementation of isolation dining, to ensure the safety during the outbreak.

Smart classroom linkage, to meet the needs of teaching

▲Introduce dongtai intelligent classroom equipment

At present, dongtai is making great efforts to produce multimedia teaching equipment for primary secondary schools, including eye lighting, sitting posture correction instrument, electronic class CARDS, interactive recording broadcasting camera teaching all-in-one machine, in order to meet the needs of the school after the opening of classes.

At the same time, dongtai recording broadcasting classroom is a function classroom with large market demand. The use of automatic hd recording broadcasting system, no manual operation, remote interaction.

Develop new equipment, real-time thermometer


▲Lyu dongyu, chairman of shenyang dongtai information industry development co., LTD

Dongtai increased manpower material input, organized the development of new equipment thermometer. The device can complete the temperature measurement in 0.25 seconds on average, at the same time, it can accurately intelligently identify the temperature, which is suitable for measuring the temperature of large-scale personnel gathering units. The new product has already received orders 300 schools.

Level 6

Shenyang K11 shopping art center

Shenyang broadcast media reporter bowen, xu quan came to shenyang K11 shopping art center. After the resumption of production, 70% of the stores of shenyang K11 shopping art center have started business. Except for parent-child, cinema education stores, restaurants retail stores have been operating normally.

▲ left to right: xu quan, journalist of shenyang radio & television media co., LTD.; qu qinglin, manager of online digital Marketing Department of shenyang K11 shopping art center; bo wen, journalist of shenyang radio & television media co., LTD

Continuous circulation disinfection

Customers' temperatures are taken as they enter the parking lot, the mall gates each store. As there are elevator other closed space electronic touch screen other direct contact equipment inside the mall, the mall staff should carry out uninterrupted circulation disinfection. At the same time, the mall's air conditioning system also USES blue light ultraviolet disinfection, to ensure the safety of customers shopping.

The shop is open for business the goods are complete


▲Shen Yang K11 shopping center online digital marketing manager qu qinglin

Catering stores have been opened, a safe dining distance of 1.5 meters is guaranteed. Barbershops currently accept advance bookings only. In the life supermarket of the ground floor of bazaar, the reporter also found the commodity such as import mask, 84 disappear poison, do wash hand liquid.

Encourage the use of online stores

▲Qu qinglin introduces the online mall service of qu K11

Online digital marketing manager qu qinglin introduced that K11 online mall provides nearly 600 kinds of goods, within 24 hours in the same city can be delivered, sf feng cooperation without contact throughout the distribution, to encourage consumers to choose good products.

Point 7

Drainage flood prevention repair of shortboard operation project phase ii lijun pumping station

Shenyang radio television rong media reporters sun Ming, cen shaojie came to the drainage flood prevention repair short board action project of the second phase of the army pump station. As a key project people's livelihood project in shenyang, lanyun road pump station officially resumed work on February 10.

▲Du qunbiao (left), technical director of the construction site of China railway first engineering co., LTD.

24 hour shift

Due to the need for provincial personnel to be isolated for 14 days, the current construction site more than 30 people, the implementation of a 24-hour shift system, can meet the current maintenance structure construction needs.

During the construction stage of the main structure, a large amount of manpower will be invested, the number of construction personnel can reach more than 150. At that time, people will have relatively frequent contact with each other. Therefore, special attention will be paid to the prevention control work on the construction site.


▲Pumping station profiles

Adequate prevention control materials, double check board lodging

The entrance of the construction site shall be equipped with a sterilizing channel. The personnel entering the site must accept the temperature measurement sterilizing, ensure the staff to measure the temperature twice a day. At the same time, according to the construction cycle has been equipped with disinfectant, alcohol two days of a mask, supplies are adequate.

For the construction personnel to provide the surrounding community residential rental, community temperature measurement site temperature measurement of the double check. Dining aspect, refuse to gather people to have a meal, the way that USES canteens to issue box meal batch to have a meal.

System guarantee, service people's livelihood


▲Du qunbiao, construction site technical director of China railway first

Du qunbiao, technical director of the construction site of China railway first bureau, said that the construction site USES the system of technical disclosure, to ensure that the technical level does make mistakes, to avoid rework phenomenon, affecting the time limit. At the same time, the use of bystanders system, the supervision staff at any time to find problems, to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

The project is expected to be completed on May 30 this year put into use on June 30. The time is tight the task is heavy. We will do a good job in prevention control, solve the water problem facilitate people's livelihood.

According to the latest statistics, the city's industrial enterprises above the size of the resumption of work rate has exceeded 95%, the pharmaceutical industry, machinery equipment manufacturing industry return to work rate of nearly 100%, foreign-funded enterprises return to work rate is also over 90%; the small medium-sized enterprises in all corners of the city are gradually returning to work production, our shenyang, is waking up in the spring!

Our shenyang

Waking up in the spring!

Shenyang go! Go wuhan!

We will prevail in the face of the epidemic!

Editor: wang suxiao, jin xin