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Kangfu pasta supermarket grand opening, sales popular people applauded


On July 18, 2018, the grand opening ceremony of kangfu noodle supermarket dadong store shenbei store was held. Kangfu food company leaders, employees hundreds of customers came to witness the event!

The opening of the noodle supermarket is a good feedback of kangfu food to the vast number of consumers, also a brilliant course in the development history of kangfu brand!

Sales were particularly brisk on site

On the same day, many consumers who heard the news of the opening of kangfu noodle supermarket came to the scene early, a long queue formed at the door before the store opened.

As soon as the store opened, consumers walked into the store were immediately attracted by the food inside. In the 100-square-meter storefront, the containers are neatly arranged with a wide range of products, such as noodle area, pastry area, mid-point area pastry area. Soon, the crowd was crowding, baskets were filling up long lines were forming in the checkout area.

Ms. Li spend more than 200 dollars in the north street bought three big shopping bags of food, she happily say: "I is old customers camfrog, heard that camfrog will open a shop will be here soon, I eat before camfrog moon cakes, noodles cakes, camfrog do something special delicious, taste good, food safety, eat the rest assured, I bought a lot of bread noodles, today very happy!"

The enthusiasm of consumers made the sales of noodle supermarket extremely hot. The noodle counter was sold out before noon, the staff of kangfu timely went to the company to replenish the goods. Live on the park Mr. Li his wife deliberately drove to buy, noodles, pancakes, steamed stuffed buns, cakes, each bought a lot of, he said: "kangfu is a good old brand for many years, the taste is special authentic, delicious, today the opening of concessions so big, I my wife to discuss more to buy, let relatives friends taste!

The consumers who come to the store to buy food are those who live in the old neighborhood nearby, there are many people who come far away shenhe, heping tiexi. The good taste great discount of kangfu food attracted them.

Kangfu pasta quality people trust

So, what's so good about kangfu's pasta, why is it so popular with consumers? This is because since the establishment of kangfu food has put product quality in the first place, with pure old taste, with high standard of gold quality, a series of gold products, won the gold word of mouth of consumers, more won the recognition respect of the market.

In terms of the use of raw materials, kangfu food strictly selects food materials resolutely does use genetically modified products. The flour edible oil used for making pasta are high-quality non-genetically modified products of big brands. In terms of product taste, kangfu food inherits the flour production experience of the older generation combines with modern technology to make the products old flavor, pure taste rich flavor. In the production process, kangfu food introduced the domestic advanced production equipment automatic processing, food safety, hygiene!

Kangfu food in every link of the consumer's position check, with more professional, more sophisticated, more abundant, safer business philosophy, erected a healthy food flag, let the people in the product to eat health, eat happiness, eat tradition, eat culture, also eat safety fashion!

Kangfu noodle supermarket will open all over shencheng

Kangfu noodle supermarket is a brand new type of business, which is another important measure of kangfu food on the road of innovation. It is also an embodiment of the enterprise concept that kangfu food has been focusing on the needs of the public, based on serving the society, committed to bringing fresh, nutritious, healthy safe food to every family since its establishment 30 years ago.

As we all know, the old moon cakes, Chinese cakes, dumplings other products are the brand of kangfu products, decades of old taste let people never forget. Era in the development, however, is changing people's life demand, camfrog food in deep these traditional food at the same time, also change, innovation, change management mode, adjust product structure, in recent years is vigorously launched a "revolution" staple food, innovative products, in the field of pasta mom homemade pancakes taste, the nutrition health noodles series, the pure manual ceilings pastry, such as steamed bread, steamed buns, dumplings, steamed rolls into the crisp tender meat clip buns, Fried dough sticks, MaTuan product... Hundreds of pasta products have been launched, quickly into the thousands of tables.

About creating pasta supermarket, liaoning Huang Yongqiang camfrog food co., LTD. General manager said that the northeast people like to eat pasta, but today's young people don't have the time energy to do again, through camfrog food like pasta in front of the supermarket the tasty, healthy, safe food, serve the customer, let them choose buy up more convenient, rest assured!

General manager huang yongqiang revealed that in two to three years, kangfu noodle supermarket will successively open 20-30 in shenyang, by then, all the people in shenyang can buy kangfu noodle products at home!

Kangle human ingenuity cast face road, blessing with love into thousands! To bring fresh, nutritious, healthy safe food to every family is the noble mission of kangfu food!