Kangfu moon cake


Kangfu pastry

Kangfu pasta: eat the taste of mother, feel the delicious home


Taste is the soul of food, good taste food can always cause people's taste buds on the resonance, just like the taste of kangfu food, is homey, warm, old zi old taste, authentic, pure, decades of time circulation, always let people have a special liking, never forget!


Golden crispy outer layer, soft white tender inner layer, emitting a rich flavor, kangfu flapjack is only rich in nutrition, cooking method is also very simple, the flapjack into the pan, no oil, no defrost, only 3 minutes, a mother taste, crisp delicious flapjack can be eaten.

The onion seed cake

Non-transgenic wheat flour, edible oil other high quality raw materials were selected. Thousands of layers, layers such as thin paper, with the hands to grasp the noodles, silk implation, its outer golden crispy, soft white inner layer, onion oil noodles sweet fusion, eat a mouthful, suddenly captured the tip of the tongue, can be paired with eggs, ham, vegetables, fragrant crisp, suitable for young old.

The ripening

Kangfu spring cake crystal clear, thick gen, will be onion, sweet bean sauce, Beijing soy pork, eggs, spinach, leek, cucumber, fans, bean sprouts, so on the roll on the spring cake, eat in the mouth of the soft pliable, with the aroma of vegetables noodles, give people a happy satisfaction.


the best food materials, restore the traditional taste, through a special process produced the appearance of crystal bright, fragrant juicy stuffing, thin skin tender stuffing, delicious taste, cooked after a bite, skin tender, delicious stuffing rich soup let a person lingering aftertaste.

The steamed stuffed bun

The choice of the best quality meat, the most fresh vegetables, with natural seasonings, without any preservatives, exquisite production, pleated symmetry, a big stuffing foot, tender meat juice, sweet but greasy. After the product is cooked rapidly frozen, nutrients do lose, heated ready-to-eat.

Sweet buns

It is made of the best quality flour red beans. Filling USES low sugar whole bean paste, only retains the fiber in the bean paste, but also reduces the sugar, without any preservatives, delicate soft taste, moderate sweetness, mellow but greasy, nutrition health.

Corn steamed corn-bread

The colloid corn the northeast golden corn belt is selected to keep whole grain without peeling umbilicus. Through the fine grinding lactobacillus fermentation process, wotou taste delicate elastic, slightly sweet taste, stomach intestine, eating corn is no longer difficult to swallow, no longer heartburn stomach acid.

Deep-Fried Dough Stick

Kangfu deep-fried dough sticks are healthy deep-fried dough sticks without aluminum, alum any preservatives. Made of the best quality wheat flour non-transgenic vegetable oil, the product is golden in color, crisp on the outside tender on the inside.